Theory and Practice of Delimited Continuations

TPDC 2011

May 29-30, 2011, Novi Sad, Serbia
Part of RDP'11



Since their introduction in the late 1980s, delimited control operators have triggered increasing interest among programmers and the programming language community, found unexpected applications in conceptual domains such as linguistics and constructive mathematics, and shown themselves to be the natural development of classical control operators. The first workshop on the Theory and Practice of Delimited Continuations aims to bring together people working with the many different (practical, theoretical, or foundational) aspects of delimited continuations, in the hope of fostering some unity and progress.

Contributions on all topics related to delimited continuations are welcome, as either short abstracts or full papers.

The topics of interest cover, but are not limited to:

  • foundations of delimited control, e.g.:
    • type systems, algebraic semantics, logical characterizations
    • studies of the CPS hierarchy
    • delimited control and evaluation strategies
    • relationships to other styles of organizing computational effects (e.g., monads, program logic)
  • applications of delimited control especially in systems design and theoretical domains (e.g., linguistics, constructive mathematics)
  • programming pearls

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