TLCA 2011 Accepted Papers

Steffen Van Bakel and Reuben Rowe. Approximation Semantics and Expressive Predicate Assignment for Object-Oriented Programming
Luca Roversi. Linear lambda calculus and Deep Inference
Aloïs Brunel, Clément Houtmann and Olivier Hermant. Orthogonality and Boolean Algebras for Deduction Modulo
Kasper Svendsen, Lars Birkedal and Aleksandar Nanevski. Partiality, State and Dependent Types
Steffen Van Bakel, Franco Barbanera and Ugo De Liguoro. A Filter Model for lambda-mu
Jakob Rehof and Pawel Urzyczyn. Finite Combinatory Logic with Intersection Types
Zena M Ariola, Hugo Herbelin and Alexis Saurin. Classical call-by-need and duality
Pierre Bourreau and Sylvain Salvati. Game semantics and uniqueness of type inhabitance in the simply-typed lambda-calculus
Stéphane Gimenez. Realizability Proof for Normalization of Full Differential Linear Logic
Antoine Madet and Roberto M. Amadio. Elementary affine λ-calculus with multithreading and side effects
Giulio Manzonetto and Michele Pagani. Bohm Theorem for Resource Lambda Calculus through Taylor Expansion
Pierre Clairambault and Peter Dybjer. The Biequivalence of Locally Cartesian Closed Categories and Martin-Löf Type Theories
Andreas Abel and Brigitte Pientka. Higher-order dynamic pattern unification for PiSigma
Marc Lasson. Controlling program extraction in light logics
Peter Arndt and Krzysztof Kapulkin. Homotopy Theoretic Models of Type Theory